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..so make it hurt

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14 May
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you dont need to know about me..

feeling sliced down the middle
all i feel is your pain
the screams and shrieking send chills down my spine
i swallow rusted thumb tacks
to sew my lips shut
these lips never to speak your name nor able to kiss ever again
the smiles you give make my stomach turn
your words make you ugly
my ears rip and tear from hearing your voice
keeping in my breathe
never exhale
remember the times you've ruined me
walking away making me feel black inside
choking down the pills
swallowing the saliva and bitting my lip
my burning heart yearns for healing
tonight i sleep with a gun to my head
peaceful dreams i'll most deffinately have
the sun has died today
the clouds comes out tonight and hide the moon
my arms are around your neck
grasping your throat tightly
never will i let go
give me a good reason why i should back away
the soft words you cough out make you powerless
memories that will soon never be
your death will soon become unknown
all i want is for your voice to leave my head
nothing can replace broken hearts
scars piece them together
i cry tonight
and you fall in love
tonight i am alone
and your picture will remain shattered
i hide in the corner of my room
the repulsive echoes and screams drift through my head
to hell you will be sent tonight
lighting up this match
and throwing it onto your bed
where you are laying asleep
sweet dreams my love

.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.)(urley Gurlie.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

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